A Change in Collective Consciousness

Dionne Warwick sings it beautifully: “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”

Yet why is this so difficult for us?

The most transformative realization one can experience is to realize that every person is one hundred percent committed to their lives – even if we don’t agree with them. We don’t need to change them nor boycott them.

I am thinking of Rev Franklin Graham and his decision to pull his accounts from Wells Fargo after the bank aired an ad featuring a gay couple but the preacher did not have the best luck in finding another bank that does not “promote homosexuality,” so reports, Talking Points.

Those who preach the literal interpretation of scripture are missing the transformative aspect of these sacred works. We are an evolving species and our understanding of these works deepen and change.

When my children were preteens, we took a vacation to Disney Land.  One evening I was so excited as they were going to air the original version of Peter Pan on TV, you know the one starring Danny Kay as Captain Hook and I kind of forced my children to watch it. They could hardly make it through the first hour saying, “what a waste of time, you can see the strings.”  

Love, unconditional love, the kind that Jesus brought and taught and demonstrated has no strings. 

Another reason for attending Unity is that Unity has no strings.  You take what you hear and if it works for you, use it; if something doesn’t resonate, just let it be.  Belief systems get in the way of our spiritual progress.  Our Unity teachings support the emergence of the human potential to create infinite expressions of truth, beauty and goodness through our spiritually awakened, interconnected lives with each other and our world.

A new earth, a new world does not come about by outer force and manipulation but a change in consciousness.  This brings about our ability to allow another to evolve from one mindset into another, without us making it “be about us.”

How can we let more Love into the world?

By not taking it personally, and keeping ourselves as clear as we can through doing our inner work and realizing that when I myself am judging someone or something as wrong there is something in me that is missing, that I need to heal.

Let us wake up to the Truth that we are connected by Source and Love is the only healing, harmonizing power that lets us see this through shifting our thinking, feeling and doing from being a victim of circumstances into being a co-creator of our experiences.



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