A Spiritual Advent Walk

Join Rev. Janice Cary and Ministerial Intern Julia Baginski as they discuss the Principles found in Unity’s Advent Booklet, A Christmas to Remember.

The Nativity story comes alive in us when we realize this story is our story.  It is a beautiful story of how love is born into the world, and how love evolves in our consciousness.

Walk with us through the beauty of this season; Reflect on memories of Christmas past, the traditions, the music and food; notice how rituals of decorations and lights help us remember the reason for this Season is to let more light and love be expressed.

Our teacher, way-shower Jesus promised us that “we too can do the things that he did” as we become aware that this same consciousness that was in Jesus is also in us.

Join us as we Remember Christ  this Christmas is in the manger of our hearts.

We begin this Friday.  Go to You Tube Unity of Fort Pierce and click on Advent.  We will be uploading one every week as we journey into the Light of the Christ Consciousness together.

May you have a joyous, wonderful Thanksgiving.
Rev  Janice

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