A Unique Eachness in the Allness of God

Eric Butterworth was a Masterful minister, author and spiritual leader.  His teachings are timeless.  He cultivated an amazing talent to take a seemingly complex topic and express in perfect simplicity. 

In his book,  In the Flow of Life ,he writes: There are two prevailing attitudes about this thing called life.  The first attitude is: We come into the world to be filled.  Life for us at any time is the sum of what has happened to us and what we have been able to accumulate in wisdom, experience, or things. 
The second attitude is:  We come into the world as living souls of infinite potentiality to be discovered and released, for life is lived from the within-out.”

Most of us have experienced at least a certain amount of conditioning.  I recall when I was first introduced to Unity and its teachings, they resonated so deeply, I feel, because I never had years of training in the Orthodox dogmas of any religion.

As a child I attended once in a while wherever a friend happened to be attending.  It was cool for a while but when the teachings started prescribing rules and roles of accepted behavior for girls, I could feel imaginary bindings attempting to be attached.  I recall thinking I had enough rules to follow in school during the week, I wanted Sundays to be filled with love, beauty and appreciation for life.  

I didn’t know at the time this was the beginning of listening to my inner self and living from the second attitude above, which is an attitude that as unique living Souls we have infinite potentiality.  We do not have to conform to the man-made rules of the day. 

I am grateful that I happened to be born into a family that was not religious but they were spiritual. Even though they never said that word.  I recall my dad on Sunday afternoons would be completely immersed as he listened to Charlie Parker or Dave Brubeck,  while my mom, along with her dad, my pop, enjoyed making fantastic Sunday meals while chattering away.

Sunday services for me today are where we gather with other like minds to remember the Truth that as we are released from the trappings of the world, we enter into a flow and that flow is the Universe pouring itself through us so that we can take that energy, receiving joy and support while creating something temporarily magnificent.  

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Because of your love and generosity we are holding our spiritual home together.   We are grateful for your continued support of our Spiritual family. 
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We are Grateful
Rev Janice 



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