About Us

Unity of Fort Pierce

When you enter Unity of Fort Pierce, you enter a positive, practical and mystical way of life. We are a culturally Christian and spiritually universal healing Center. We look to our way-shower, Christ Jesus, who demonstrated a radical alternative way of living based on unconditional love.

The Bible is our primary text, yet if the spirit within the letter is not grasped, its practical application will not be made nor its true purpose understood.

Our intention is to be Spiritually led, and as we let go of old patterns, beliefs and concepts we are able to express more of the qualities of Spirit — qualities such as forgiveness, understanding and compassion.

As we immerse ourselves in the mystery of life, we enter a creative, mystical dimension. Our purpose is to know God and to live the message that Jesus taught: “The Kingdom of God is among you.” (Luke 17:21)

Vision & Mission

We are an inclusive community, inspiring holistic spirit-led living.

Living Unity Principles, we envision a world awakening through prayer, meditation, fellowship and service.

Inspiring Sundays

You’ll leave our Sunday services full of new ideas and inspiration. Rev. Janice Cary’s messages are illuminating, thought-provoking, and motivating.

Kathy Osking

Kathy Osking

Music at Unity of Fort Pierce

Our music team provides uplifting and inspirational contemporary and traditional music. We are grateful for the talent of Kathy Osking on piano. A certified Choral Director, she also leads our Voices of Unity choir, which performs throughout the year for special occasions. Other regular musicians include Jazz musician Robert Steinberg and Joanne Keys.

Unity of Fort Pierce offers not only inspiring Sunday services, but also engaging classes and one-day workshops; a little gem of a bookstore; spiritual coaching; nondenominational and interfaith services and special ceremonies, and much more.

How we began
Unity of Fort Pierce was founded in 1962 by the Rev. Chrystal Leonard. She was ordained in 1964 and was a magnetic woman inspired to sharing Unity Truth Principles. In addition to Unity of Fort Pierce, Rev. Chrystal started three other churches along the east coast of Florida: Unity Center of Vero Beach, Unity of Martin County, and Unity Church of Melbourne. Rev. Chrystal led Unity of Fort Piece 18 years, leaving in 1980. All of her founding churches continue today.

Learn more! Read What is Unity? and Unity’s 5 Basic Principles. Check our Calendar to find out what’s coming up next, and plan to visit us!

We are affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries; Silent Unity, the 24-hour Prayer Ministry; Daily Word; Unity Magazine; and Unity Institute & Seminary.

Rev. Janice Cary, Minister
Alice Brown Alexander, Service Coordinator
Anne Alexander, Director of Youth Ministries
Kathy Osking, Pianist & Choir Director

Board of Trustees
Betsy Messer – President
Julia Baginsky – Vice President
Diane Colby – Secretary
Sue Quate – Treasurer
Anne Alexander – Member
Sue Windland – Member


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