Advent of Joy

I am one with the Spirit of faith,  peace, love and joy.”

Join us this Sunday at 10 as we lean into, cultivate and express the quality of Joy.  The Advent Journey, calls us to create a stable consciousness, one that is built upon the spiritual qualities of Faith, Peace, Love and Joy, so that the Cosmic Christ consciousness can be expressed through us.

I remember joy exploding over my daughter’s face when she saw her first Christmas tree.  My son’s joy when he received his first guitar. The expression of joy on the faces of my grandchildren Evan and Eden as they try to stay upright on an indoor Winter wonderland ice rink.  The joy on Amy’s face as she lands perfectly from a back extension roll; Emily proudly shows off her latest project and Matthew’s joy is all about soccer.

Joy is not a thing, it is an action that comes about from Being engaged in life. No matter what is happening in our individual lives, whether we experience joy is up to us.

When we read the soundbites of news it talks of 2018 being worse or better than 2017 and what do the analysts say about 2019?

Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven is among you.”  This means we are so loved and powerful that we can release whatever worldly thought debris is holding us back and remember Jesus taught us that our joy is within.
Unity Principles teach we are one hundred percent accountable for our lives.  How we show up in the world depends on whether we show up wholeheartedly by aligning our heart-mind with Soul.

I love the 3 Dog Night Christmas song, ‘Joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.”

Join us in Joy this Sunday for a joyful experience.
Rev Janice


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