Advent of Love

“Love one another, just as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)  

Faith, love, peace
and joy.

It amazes me how many people I speak with that want to meet the love of their life or experience true love.  We seem to search for love and think that if we find the right person all of our problems would be solved and we would live “happil


Advent of Love

y every after.”  Thank you end of story or so says like every fairytale we’ve grown up hearing.  Besides the fact that these stories teach us we are all on a Quest for love, they also teach us that in order to find love we must look “out there.”


The Truth is we cannot find love “out there” until we first find it “in here,” or in our own hearts first.  I recall coming to Unity my first time and I heard the minister say: “Thank you, Father Mother God.”  Something inside me lit up like a Christmas tree because it was the first time I had heard the feminine qualities and God in the same sentence.  As a woman, this sentence made me feel whole and valuable and especially loved.

One of the tools I use in coaching sessions is to support people in discovering their life’s intentions.  One of the life’s intentions many pick are to be a loving family member.  A goal that would demonstrate and bring into visibility being a loving family member is to send a card or letter to a loved one,  sharing with them how valuable they are and how much they are loved.    At first the response often is something like, “that’s a great way to encourage them.”  Right there our worldly conditioning is showing.  When we send a card out to anyone it is nor really for them, it is for us.    Sending a card or letter to anyone is not for another person, although they may benefit and appreciate the gesture.  The main reason we send cards and letters is because it is an avenue for us to express the love that we are and want to share with others.

Perhaps we need to create new fairy tales for our children and the child in us.  Stories that show that confidence, comes from a sense of feeling loved and whole and valuable and we have to sit for a minute to place ourselves in that universal vibrational flow. Only when we have it can we give it to another.

I have discovered a tool called the Heart Wisdom Tool created by Rev David McArthur.  This tool is a three step process to help people connect with themselves.  He gives further details in Your Spiritual Heart. .

1.   Touch and Breathe: Touch your heart with your hand to create a heart connection—an invitation to activate your spiritual heart. Take slow, deep breaths, envisioning that you are actually breathing through your heart. This focuses your attention on your heart and its transformative power..
2.  Remember and Feel: Remember a time when your heart was full, such as when you felt a sense of great appreciation.  Feel this emotion rather than just thinking about the memory. Such powerful feelings open your heart and allow you to transform any negative emotions, freeing you from emotional reactions..
3.  Sincere Asking: Now that you’ve established a connection with your spiritual heart, ask it for guidance using questions such as “What is a more effective response?” “What do you want me to do?” or “What is an effective next step?” By asking, you are calling forth or activating the wisdom of your spiritual heart to give you a new perspective on whatever situation you’re currently experiencing.

Taking a moment and connecting with our heart connects us with the Universal Flow of Life and what is  Life but Love made manifest. Then we can give it away.

May you feel the Love,
Rev Janice


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