“A ship is safe in the harbor, But that’s not what ships are built for.”

Every day can be seen as a new and exciting adventure.  This is the way a child sees life.  We will be having our three year old grandson, Evan, for a few days through Valentine’s Day and we are preparing ourselves for his arrival for he will show up curious and with the expectation of exploring and experiencing new adventures.

Often we go about our day thinking we are in control of our day, our life,  when our destiny is to know we are not at all in control but that we are perfectly equipped to face, experience and ride the calm and stormy seas that are part of life.

I find it helpful, to prepare myself for the day by taking a few minutes and centering myself in Spirit.  This connects me with my inner guidance system, which, like a navigation system on a ship helps me stay the course or walk in light.

Yet even these beautiful metaphors can dull our senses into complacency where we can no longer see how wonderfully we are made and the wonder in which we live.

So what are we to do to see it again?  Jesus, often went off shore on a boat to pray, away from the crowds;  he also taught from a boat so many more could experience and hear his message.  And when he came ashore he wanted the little children to come to  him and he advised that we should become like a child for it is to such as these the Kingdom belongs.

A child is not caught in the plane of consciousness, which time is a part; a child runs and delights in eternity, free of the barnacles of regret, worry or fear. A child sees the wonder in ladybugs, enjoys immensely the taste of pizza and (soda) and delights in hitting or catching a ball.

Life itself is the adventure and it can take us far away or be quite near.  An adventure is outer and inner;  We must align our inner energies and appreciate how wonderfully we are made; notice how our heart beats perfectly; become aware that our light is on, and our deck has been cleaned and cleared of yesterday’s debris.  Then we embark on the adventure of our day, having quenched any inner neediness or thoughts of lack that were stowing away in our consciousness with the attention of love.

Blessings, Rev Janice

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