“And the Word became flesh and lived among us…” (John 1:14)

angelThe Law of Mind Action, which is a Principle of Unity states, “What you hold in mind manifests in kind.”  Love is the highest idea, thought, word we could hold in mind.  If we sit for a moment with thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, love, this inner dialogue goes through our body quickening and uplifting our cells and pretty soon our body responds.   Take a moment now and send thoughts of peace, vitality, appreciation for every function of your body and how it works for us perfectly and constantly.

An attitude of appreciation is truly like a healing balm.
I recall when I was in the hospital in 2015.  I turned my attention into my inner Being, and in that spacious consciousness I heard “just stop and let me heal you.” From that moment on I realized I was in the midst of a healing organism which was healing me and I knew that all is well.  That I would recover and struggle a lot less if I would just be receptive to this Presence of Love to do what it can only do,  and that is to bring healing and wholeness.

Our words, especially when they come from a clear and conscious awareness are powerful. Our Self talk is a dialogue between our thinking and feeling aspects of mind.  Jesus tells us in ( Matthew 18: 19) “If two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven.”   Metaphysically, these two are our thoughts and feelings, When these two aspects of mind are gathered in my name, says Jesus, “all things are possible.”

How does the word become flesh?  If there is anything we wish to accomplish on the external level, even the simplest task of making a phone call or sending a text message – it would be wise if we would go inside first and become clear – not so much clear as to what we want to say, although that is important.  Clear, meaning we are holding no resistance or judgement. Clear, meaning we are open to guidance.  Clear, meaning we let go of all our learning and let God live and express through his only Beloved, which is who we are.

Christmas is a celebration of our spiritual birth.  The awareness that Christ in you is your eternal, never-failing light.  Christ is God’s perfect pattern in you.  And you live this Truth by being yourself.

Prepare to Shine
Rev Janice

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