An Attitude of Gratitude

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.”

What is your most cherished asset? Take a moment and think on this for it is asking you to reflect on what is good, healthy, working and vibrant in your life?

I went out with a friend last Saturday and we spent the day shopping, talking and laughing. The sales were great, the food delicious but what makes life vital and vibrant is the uplifting of the soul which comes from connection.

Now connection with another is beautiful but this connection cannot happen until the first vital connection is made and that is to place ourselves in alignment with Spirit, our higher Self. Once we consciously quiet the mind and connect with Source, we feel whole and our eyes can see beyond mental ideations and experience the sweetness of the moment.

Our Theme for October is I am Prosperous, abundant and fulfilled. When we understand, prosperity is not about the accumulation of things but as Eric Butterworth says is the Allness of God, of good everywhere present.

How can we begin to See this good, see God everywhere when the news drones on about polarization of our country?

Our country is only a reflection of the polarization in our minds, the liking or disliking of certain people, situations, and outcomes.

In the world there will always be trials and tribulations, as Jesus said, so let us not be conformed to the world but overcome it, by distancing ourselves from the world and taking up the spiritual practice of writing five things each day for which you are grateful. I personally like to do this in the evening for it makes me reflect at the end of the day on all that I appreciate.

As your read this, if your mind begins to recite, oh yeah, I know that, or I’ve done that or maybe it ought to be ten. That is just the monkey mind attempting to distract one from committing and taking an action that shifts our perception so that our eyes see through the world of shadows and into our spiritual heritage and nature.

This attitude of gratitude strengthens our hearts and what occurs for me, when I practice this writing, the issues that had taken hold in my tissues, the bodily aches and pains, the mental irritations seem to fade.

Or is it that I had taken my attention away from them? Either way, I am grateful.

In Oneness,
Rev Janice


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