” The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I change.” (Carl Rogers)

As I visited Dave Monday at PSL Rehab and Healthcare, we went to an ice cream social they were holding with a special guest singer who was singing the oldies.

The place was filled with wheelchairs and people in various stages of either recuperating  from an injury, some people live in the assisted living ward because they need some assistance and the memory care unit folks whose minds have become muddled and confused.

You would think this would be a sad place but I tell you the Reality is that the residents were clapping their hands, eating their ice-cream and some singing a-long.

There was a moment, when I glanced over at Dave and he was smiling at me. He reached for my hand.  He was Present. A glimpse of  his authentic self, who he truly is, was shinning through his eyes.

It was a beautiful awareness that I will treasure because for a brief second I saw the man I fell in love with.

What I’m bringing away from this experience is when we accept ourselves and whatever situation we may be in then we can change the way we see everything and everything changes.  When we let ourselves Be with Reality, our heart opens and our authentic spirit shines through.

In 2023 my intention is to BE myself, not Fix myself. Join me in this Authenticity.

Love to All for a Happy, Healthy New Year
Rev Janice

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