Be prayed up and vibrate in the energy of Love

When I first arrived at Unity Village to start my ministerial program,  I started employment with Silent Unity.  In fact the week of orientation I went through in order  to work at Silent Unity began before ministerial school,  so I had to be there a week before classes began.  This worked out perfectly for me getting acclimated to the area and a first hand experience of Living a Life prayed up.

The first thing we did at Silent Unity were methods to open our hearts and minds to the Presence.  Sometimes we were invited to turn within and sit in the stillness and other times we sang songs.  One song we often we often ended our time of singing with was “This Little Light of Mine. ”

Why? Because they wanted to show us what it felt like to release ourselves from intellectual concepts and to Be Prayed up in Love.

If  we want to enter our day being Prayed up, step into the energy and vibration of Love that is within us.  Being aware of Universal Presence clears our minds and opens our hearts. Only then can we see life as it is rather than as we think it should be.

When challenges confront us,  that is truly the time to call upon the energy of Presence/Love to rise up in us and express through us. And the way to connect with this energy is to turn away from your concerns and step into and connect with our Soul, our True Spiritual nature.  Then we realize we are not alone facing life but we are part of the Universe, vibrating with the energy of Divine Light/Love/Christ.

Everyone is looking for methods to live skillfully in life.  Many are seeking, healing, prosperity, harmony in relationships.  And when we share that skillful living resides within, and to connect with it, many turn away, thinking that is just to simple. Yet simple is not easy for the ego and appearances talk us out from it.

However, when on touches this energy of love it is not only healing, but is filled with wisdom and guidance that when followed reveals insights and creates in us a sense of calm and peace in the midst of anything we are facing. Take a moment right now, turning from the outer world and feel the vibrant life of God, of Love, flow through your Being.

Feel what it is like to be holy/wholly, Prayed Up.  Then enter your day, your world and practice being the Universal Christ, for that is who you are.

Shine On.
Rev Janice

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