Believe in what can be

Join me for a moment as we enter the Silence and touch that place where all the world disappears and only an awareness of peace remains.  This is our inner sanctuary where we commune with the Source of Being, a Source that Jesus, our way-shower, called “Our Father.”

I absolutely love the metaphysical interpretation of our Christmas Story and I say “our” because likewise this story is about our own Soul’s evolution into into knowing and experiencing itself as an offspring of God, the Christ or a vibration of love.

In Matthew 1:23 we read, “Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall name him Emmanuel.”  (which means God is with us).”  I appreciate reading and re-reading  Your Hope of Glory by Elizabeth Sand Turner, during Advent, for she takes this story and brings it to life in us.  When this story is alive in us, we are able to see it with eyes that can penetrate the literal, and bring it into our own Soul.

Mary was not only a virgin because she was not married, she was a virgin because her mind and heart was clear and pure. She was devoted to God, to Spirit, to Presence.  And in this pureness of heart and mind was born a son called Emmanuel. The highest thought we could hold about ourselves is that  Emmanuel is in us, as us and lives through us, just as it did Mary.  As Elizabeth Turner writes, “Each individual, though he may be unaware of it, is a divine child of God….  Each bears the same relationship to God as Jesus; all are equally sons and children of the Most High.”

The relevance in the world today for knowing we too are precious offspring of Spirit is it gives us spiritual vision and insight. We build a stable consciousness through using our spiritual tools of Faith, Peace, Love and Joy.
By having faith and love in ourselves we are able to practice and hone our talents and give them to the world.

What divine idea are you holding in your heart and mind right now?  Is it going back to school?  Is it trying a new career? is it developing a writing or musical talent?  What is calling you higher?  We all know deep down what we would like to express yet we are afraid of the King Herod’s (also in us) who want to kill those high thoughts and bring them down.

“But fear not,” says the angel, because it is only through believing in yourself, believing in what can be be, loving yourself so much that you are willing to keep your heart and mind pure as Mary did, can we cultivate in us the courage to rise up and share our our talents, giving them away, realizing that when we give,  our Divine Light shines even brighter.

Rev Janice


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