“But Who Do You Say that I Am?”

This is the question we must ask of ourselves.  How are we seeing/defining ourselves? Peter responded to Jesus’ question “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Jesus said to him.  “Flesh and blood has not shown this to you but my Father in Heaven.”  (Matthew 13:15,16)

Jesus knew who he was. He had mastered himself. His authenticity, power and authority are centered and rooted in his Being Aware of his Divine Spiritual Nature. His mission was to give to his followers this same Awareness.

Emmet Fox writes that “Whether you call Jesus God or man; And if man, whether you see him as the world’s greatest Prophet and Teacher the fact is the life and teachings of Jesus have influenced the course of human history.”

Historically, Christianity has debated doctrinal questions and through dogma and creed created denominations. But the fact is Jesus never taught any theology. His teachings are entirely spiritual or metaphysical.  In Unity we call Jesus our Way Shower and see him as the Great Meta-physician.  The late Anthony De Mello shares a story in his book Awareness about a little girl who asks a little boy “Are you a Presbyterian?”  And the little boy answer ‘No, we belong to another abomination!”

Jesus’ message to us:  The Kingdom of Heaven is within, among, in the midst of all Being.  He stood as an example of what it looked like to live from this Conscientiousness.  The revelation of this awareness can be found in every great spiritual teaching and this awareness is available to us.  We are called to wake up from the dramas/traumas of material appearances/ Maya, that the illusions of the world bring security and return our focus inward, Godward, into our own sense of Pure Being,  our own Presence (heaven) where we come to Know Ourselves and realize  that we can answer as our brother Jesus did:   ” We are the Christ, the Beloved Sons/Daughters of the One God.”

May we awaken to the Light,
Rev Janice


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