Christmas Eve Candle Light

“I let my inner light shine and Insight is revealed.”

Christmas Eve we join together to light the 12 candles which in Unity represent the 12 Power Centers of our Being.

Charles Fillmore, our co-founder,  studied other spiritual traditions and appreciating them he wanted to bring into Unity the best of all spiritual practices,  so he integrated them into the Spiritual framework of Unity.

When we light the 12 candles we are igniting in us our awareness of all of our inner resources.  Quite a unique and unifying experience.


By training our mind to focus inwardly we enter into a way of life that is inwardly guided.

Faith, represented by Peter, was the first disciple Jesus called.  It was to Peter Jesus said “On this rock I will build my church.”  Church was originally, “ecclesia, a word that means “called out ones.”

There are many denominations, many interpretations of Jesus’ teachings , but there is only one “church of Jesus” and that is the spiritual, invisible church within all  humankind. Peter realized “the Christ” in Jesus and realized that the same Christ indwells all people.

This is the Mystery of the ages, as St. Paul wrote…Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col 1:26-27)

Join us this Friday, Christmas Eve at 7 pm as we enter into this favorite Unity ritual of lighting the 12 candles calling forth our spiritual powers.  Then we will move out into our garden (weather permitting) where you will light your individual candle, igniting, cultivating, nurturing and expressing your own light in your uniquely You  way.

Blessings, Namaste’
Rev Janice



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