Christmas in July

This photo was taken last year in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Frankenmuth is decorated  like Christmas all year long. All the restaurants are known for its German food, Christmas music is playing, and of course Bonners Christmas Store.

Bonners is the world’s largest Christmas store, a Christmas Wonderland and has the largest selection of stunning nativity displays, Santa’s of all sizes, and every imaginable creatively designed holiday display.    When I was a child, we had a tradition of making a trip to this town every year around June or July to purchase a special ornament from the 6,000 available, to prepare for the upcoming Christmas.

To walk into this town you do get caught up in its theme.  Some may call it commercializing Christmas and maybe that is true, but people thrive on their favorite customs and rituals during the holidays. Traditionalists may laments this commercialization,  yet in our American society the secularization of Christmas celebrations have never made this season more popular.

Christmas has evolved into being more inclusive, offering different cultural traditions mixed with pop culture of Santa and Rudolph Frosty and the Grinch.

Why are so many drawn to this particular holiday?

For me it is  an opportunity to acknowledge the love that I feel for my family and friends. When I enter into that delightful sense of generosity I feel myself light up.   Which of course, that is what we teach in Unity.  Our second principle is that there is a spark of the Divine in all of humanity.

We don’t have to wait for Christmas.  We don’t have to have a bumper sticker saying keep Christ in Christmas.  No need to lament the commercialization of this holiday.  What if we just allowed ourselves to connect  with our inner Christ, the light that lives us,  for when connected, we are keeping our awareness on the Christ light that is in the midst of us and guides us with wisdom and love.

Rev Janice

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