Clear Notes

Clear Notes.”

 “I am a center of Divine Love, attracting and radiating blessings.”  

What is it about engaging in a spiritual practice that supports us in living a more meaningful, pleasant and richer life?

I have noticed through practicing scales, arpeggios, modes or riffs on my guitar, that I am not only internalizing a skill of strength and dexterity, but am creating understanding within me of the relationship between notes, chords, and progressions, resulting in a tune or song that sounds soothing, uplifting, bluesy, or jazzy.

Concentrating our attention just a little on theory, initially, is an intellectual pursuit.  Yet once the connection in made and the relationship between the energy of God and ourselves is glimpsed, or as Jesus said (the Father and I are One) a fearless, creative and organic awareness is born.

Awareness is everywhere.  By Tuning ourselves into God, we experience a vast inner spaciousness, and if we sit in that spaciousness or silence, the intangible spiritual qualities of faith, love, and wisdom are born in us.  We understand that although awareness is everywhere it becomes a personalized, unique expression or song right where we are.

When the relationship between Spirit and our human experience is caught,  we understand we do contribute to our experience of this ongoing song.

Taking an affirmation into our Being, tunes us into the energy of God, where we hum or vibrate at the level of creation.

Blues, rock, jazz, pop – doesn’t matter what comes out, it is all of God.

A Flower for Unity:  I am reminded of a childhood saying, “March showers bring April flowers.”  Help us to make our grounds beautiful this Easter by bringing your spiritual center a flower.  It could be a flat, it could be a plant, it could be one flower, and we will plant it in our gardens.


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