“Come to me, all that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

We live in a world of duality.  When we judge by appearances and do not question our assumptions,  we fall deeper into the tomb of duality and materiality.  Our destiny is to question appearances and rise into a higher perspective.

Spiritual practices such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation, spiritual reading, teaches us that in the midst of movement there is rest.  A skilled artist, painter, writer, musician or any craft that is undertaken in a way that is unhurried, from a heart that enjoys creating comes from an open mind .  In the middle of our work or play, if we breathe and drop into our body we  attune with this creative state of mind.  Dropping into our body, shifts us from our inner critic, the result being we’re touching the zone and can follow through with more ease and grace.

There is a Sanskrit word for this experience, “YANA.”  This Sunday we look into Yana, which means a place of rest, where one abides while allowing wisdom/guidance to rise.

Yana is available any time at rest or while active.

Duality causes us to make assumptions.  One assumption we often hold is that “work is hard and play is something we can engage in only after we have been productive.”  This separates the activity of work/play and rest/creativity keeping us entangled in this illusion.

As creative beings we are always creating; our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying.  To be at rest while working is to create while resting or abiding in your own Presence, where we have instant access to Yana.

Perhaps this is what is meant when we read in the Bible that on the 7th day God rested.  Charles Fillmore writes in The Revealing Word  The true day of rest is the consciousness of universal peace that constitutes the Kingdom of Heaven.

So whether you call this space, Heaven, Yana, or the Sweet Spot join us Sunday at 10 in the sanctuary or on zoom for our message of Oneness

Rev Janice


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