“Come to the manger of your heart and let love flow.”

My prayer is that each of you have a wonderful, joyful Thanksgiving.
However and wherever you are celebrating Thanksgiving, take a moment to appreciate all of the experiences you have had and all the people who have enriched your lives.

I am grateful to each of you for when we are gathered together our spiritual living room fills with divine light and love. This energy is present everywhere but we must bring it.  I am reminded when I once went to Unity Village and people were commenting on how sacred the energy is on that beautiful campus, when one of the ministers reminded us that we are the ones that bring that sacred energy.

Everything in life is our choice. How we respond and how we see things.  We are the Lights of the world and as such we bring the light of love and we give everything meaning.  So this Thanksgiving may we be willing to hold the high watch and see the amazing possibilities of good that are in our lives today and yet to be.

Join with us this Sunday as we begin our walk to the Manger of our heart, calling forth the qualities of Hope and Faith to take with us, as we begin our journey to wholeness and peace.

Rev Julia Baginski and I have started a wonderful new ritual.  We join together in creating a special Advent Series which we are posting on Unity of Fort Pierce and Unity of Jensen Facebook pages.
The four sessions will post each Saturday at 8 pm starting November 26. Join us as we walk this spiritual journey to the manger of our heart.  Pick up an Advent booklet at Unity of Fort Pierce and let us celebrate the story of the birth of Jesus who brought love into the world.  May we come to know this story is also about the birth of Christ in us, the birth of the light,  so that we can bring this message of love and light and peace to our world.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving


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