Communication is Key

The photo above is one of the original props used in making the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Our tour guide to Oxford showed us this, and shared the story of how it was given to him as a gift by one of his instructors at Oxford.  The opening scene of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was filmed in Oxford, shows how Harry’s father was attempting to not let Harry receive this letter from Hogwarts, even covering over the letter box so no more letters could come through that letter box.  The owls took notice of this and brought many more letters.  The reason I share this photo is for us to remember how important communication is.  It is a great health benefit to us to keep in touch with our Spiritual Center as we enter a time of summer vacations taking many to other parts of the world.

The mission and message of Unity  of Fort Pierce is to bring Truth Principles to people,helping one to live a culturally Christian, Universally Spiritual life. I’ve got great news.  It is now possible that you can go to our website at and at the top of the page there is a heading that says “Sunday audio files.”

Click on that heading and it will take you to our uploaded Sunday services. It is my intention to upload the services every Sunday afternoon so you will be kept in the loop of love.

Of course nothing is better than being at our center in the midst of the energies and love our friends,  but I believe that the energy vibration of Truth can be caught and experienced in listening.  Also,  it is an opportunity to share a particular message that resonated with you with friends and family.

As the song says “see you in September”  or October, but know as a spiritual family we are connected in our hearts and minds.
Remember us while you are away, listen on line to our Services,  and please continue to tithe your support keeping Unity of Fort Pierce a center of abundance in all ways.


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