Conservation of Energy

Conservation of energy.”
“I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm to do the things which ought to be done by me.”  (Charles Fillmore)

The words “ought to be done by me” is what I would like to drill down into.  “Ought” as opposed to should comes from within, a heart-felt desire to express, whereas “should” comes from a sense of coercion.  If we live in the energy of “should” we be become tired, cranky and drained,  for we are also looking for approval which cannot ever be received for it is never enough to fill the hole that is in our heart for not pursuing what we “ought” rather than “should” pursue.

We move from the “should” energy into the “ought” energy not necessarily by doing something else but by stopping and noticing the inner resistance that seems to be overshadowing the awareness that “all is well as it is.” 

The need to change something out there, have something or someone be different, have more or less of whatever it is we think would make us feel whole, more time, less stress, more money, less drama is the trance or illusion that swirls around us like a fog.

We say we want to live a happy, healthy, prosperous and meaningful life.  We want to be in great relationships; we want to be financially successful, we want to be physically fit and healthy.  If those are our life’s intentions that we want to experience,  then we must cultivate an open mind and a clear heart.

An open mind does not take more learning, it takes more and continuous releasing.   A clear heart does not take less giving it means more caring.

For this moment stop.  Stop the stories, stop the shoulds,  stop the oughts.  Let the fog of needing more or wanting less settle and inquire into what lies under all of  it.  Become willing to face the death of all our structures of knowing, by dropping our nets into the deep waters of pure Being.  Discover directly our deepest experience of who we are.
Then notice we are being filled with the energy of sizzle, zeal and enthusiasm.

Blessings, Rev Janice  


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