Divine Love’s Healing & Harmonizing Power flows within and from me.

Nothing brings you to the awareness of how precious and beautiful life is than when a loved one is facing a health challenge.

Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged.”  (Psalm 69:32)

I can find encouragement in the many people who have shown up for me, sending prayers of peace and wishes of comfort during this time of change.  I am grateful to many.  One in particular is my neighbor, Mike.  His kindness and willingness to serve is amazing.  He’s been spending his nights at the  hospital with Dave, allowing me to go home and rest.  He is a retired minister yet, his ministry continues and I am especially grateful to him for his compassion and kindness.

Yet my humanness continues to vacillate, like Peter, as I consider my next steps.  But what if I just let go and let whatever comes next unfold.  I did just that, and received the call that Lifecare at Harbor Place has a place for Dave.  We took him there and he’s in a lovely facility surrounded by caring people, and I hired a night sitter to keep him calm.

“Do not be afraid for I am with you.  (Isaiah 41:10)

Centering prayer, breathing, journaling are the tools I’ve been using to clear my mind and allow a sense of clarity, peace and love to well up within me.  As I let myself be held by this Presence, I find that I am overcome with gratitude  for life, for family, for friends and for my spiritual community

Jesus spoke of the coming of the Kingdom, but what was coming was an awakening, a spiritual breakthrough.  It is through  using the tools of Unity’s practical Christianity that  allows the scales to fall from my eyes and I come home to myself again and again.

Rev Janice

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