Divine Order

I love our spiritual classes, because we take a Truth Principle and attempt to listen, discover and apply it to our daily lives. The Daily Word today is Divine Order and on this day of the inauguration, many of us are calling this forth.  The Revealing Word says that “order is the first law of the universe… The facts of Spirit are of spiritual character and, when understood in their right relation, they are orderly.”

Many are concerned over the potential violence that could happen in our capitol and  around our nation brought about because of following an ideology of white supremacy and exclusion.

How can we say this is in divine order?

Jesus said to us in John 10:34: “Is it not written Is in your law. I said you are gods?” 
What this means is that each on of us must be accountable for their own feelings, mindset and actions. Being accountable is the province of dominion.  We have the power within to exercise how we show up and react or respond.  We live in an orderly Universe of cause and effect. How then can we lift ourselves up from this?

By stopping and turning within to the Source that lives all creation.  By realizing our mind is a tool that has been filled with dualistic limiting beliefs.   When the mind is controlled by our ego personality we judge by appearances and limitation.  If we connect with our Spiritual Self, the “I AM” of our Being, our vison lifts, and we see all creatures, great and small, without exception come from the One Source.

This is the doctrine of Unity.  This doctrine is simple and  practical yet the ego complicates the matter.  To see rightly, we must  return again to the estate of simplicity,  like a child whose mind has not been programmed to hate, to fear, to label nor blame.

If we would just observe our own mind, we would notice the programming, we would be able to notice and feel the pressures that build up in us and we would then notice we do not have to be moved by these habitual thoughts and feelings  That behind these veils of illusions our eyes open  to  a new horizon, a horizon that is awash in God, in good, in possibility.

On this inauguration day I hold a Vision of a new word.  A world where we respect nature, the Spirit in each of us, and we live from a higher set of rules.
We recognize the “I AM,” the Light, the Christ, the Buddha nature is in all of us and we let that nature lead us from competition to collaboration, from duality to Unity.
Metta Blessings
“Be the Light”
Rev Janice

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