“Do not remain in sorrow and doubt for his Grace will guide you and comfort you.” (Gospel of Mary)

In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene she speaks of “The Good.”  God is the word for the masculine aspects of Good and Goddess is the feminine aspects; yet “The Good” is a quality which embraces and infills all of creation.

We can listen for the voices of the “Good,” It is all around us in nature, the chirping of the birds, the rustling of leaves as the wind plays through, the rushing of the stream.  In order to hear those voices our only desire, as we enter into a moment of stillness, is for our mind to be still.

Listening is a full body immersion as our awareness is heightened and we notice the subtle energies of the interior body.  Listening is letting go and waiting, lingering, in a sacred moment, aware that beneath all of the symphony of sounds is a stillness, a quietude, a spaciousness, which embraces and surrounds all of creation.

Here a change of mind and a deepening of heart brings understanding and wisdom. Here it is possible to notice Oneness, interconnection and inter-beingness.

Listening, lingering, we notice that out from the depth of stillness creative ideas begin to push through the soil of consciousness so as to reach and experience the warmth of the sun.  Listening, lingering, hearing starts the creative process but it must be followed by the courage of a a human being to do what is caught and mold this infinite substance into visibility.

As conscious co-creators we are supported in our creativity by “Seeing Rightly.”   Do we see the form, or do we have the eyes to see beneath the form into its spiritual origin?  To see Rightly, righteously or using the Buddhist term, “Right Seeing” is part of many spiritual traditions.

To Listen, to Linger, To See, is a way to live in the world and truly experience more of  “The Good.”

Rev Janice


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