Does God speak with you? Are you listening?

Do you believe that God speaks to human beings?  Do you believe that God spoke to Moses? Mary? Jesus? Teresa of Avila?  Mother Meera?  The list goes on and on.

More importantly, do you believe God speaks to You?

If you said to others that  “God spoke to you,” many would roll their eyes.  And I agree, there have been horrible actions carried out in the name of God speaking to someone.  But the Key in knowing whether it is human ego speaking or a Divine conversation is whether the message is life affirming. If we live by our Unity Foundational Statement that there is One Presence and One Power God, the Absolute Good, Omnipotent then any message from God can only be what supports and empowers life.

Neil Donald Walsh writes in his book God’s message to the world  that “We’ve misunderstood God based on our ancient cultural stories.  The simple and startling acknowledgement is that our ancient cultural stories contained many inaccuracies.”  God may be absolute good but the messengers are human with agendas and cultural conditioning, and that is how errors in the cultural stories arise.

A new cultural story is emerging and we are part of creating it.

We are here by Divine appointment to live this new story.  First, we must really know we are Spiritual Beings and we are connected to all of creation through Spirit.  We live from an Energy we call God and this Essence/Presence/Energy/God speaks to us continuously and in many ways.  A friend shows up or calls at the right time, intuition, vision, a sense of peace and calm as you take action towards your vision.

The truth is God is speaking to us constantly but are we listening?  Every message from God has come through human beings and so why not you and why not now?

Take a moment and contemplate what is it you would like to see more of in the world?  Peace?  Abundance? Health?  Compassion?  Forgiveness? Sacred Activism? Ecology?

Practical Application

Pick one quality and work with that today.
What one thing could you do to demonstrate that the ecology is sacred to you?
What one thing could you do to demonstrate that Forgiveness is needed in our world?

On Sunday June  13 after service from 11:15 – 12:15 join us in an Affirmative Lifestyle Workshop.

Practical applications to living from an Affirmative Mindset.

Rev Janice


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