Dog Days of Summer

“Dog days of summer.”

Many parents are counting down the days until their children return to school. Theatre, basket ball and art camps are in their final swing.

As creative Beings, we are always wondering: “What’s next or what can I do now.”  And what parent hasn’t heard from their child or even themselves “I’m bored.”

I was watching a show the other day and it was of a young woman who attended school at a convent.  She was showing her teacher, who was one of the sisters,  a collection of fashion designs she had drawn.

“Oh these are lovely” said the sister.  “Did you copy them from a fashion magazine?”  “Yes,” replied the young woman.
“What would it be like if you created a design from your imagination?” said the sister.   “Oh I don’t think I could do that.” The girl replied.

The sister smiled and said:
“Turn your page in your sketch book and sit here a while with your imagination.  Let your mind wander about and see what comes.”

The dog days of summer, when we don’t know what to do, is the perfect time to be and allow the dreams of our heart to reach our mind so that our heart/mind can design a life of beauty, creativity and transcendence.

Rev Janice


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