Doorway to Heaven

This image is the doorway into the Oxford School of Metaphysics. Anyone who enters into the study of metaphysics or spirituality is opening a doorway to freedom.  Charles Fillmore writes in The Revealing Word, that “The door of our mind is the I Am.”   And in John 10:7 we read that Jesus says to his disciples, “I Am the door for the sheep…whoever enters by me will be saved and will come in and go out and find pasture.”

Metaphysically understood, the “sheep” are our thoughts.   If we are to live in freedom, we must cultivate the knowing that the Christ of our Being is the “I Am” of us and when we live from the “I Am” this saves us from the error thoughts, the doctrines, dogmas and manipulation of the world.

Also, a doorway represents our heart.  We want to keep our heart open and healthy so that we are able to respond to every situation with spiritual love, wisdom and understanding.

Unity of Fort Pierce is often called a nursery of the heart.  Our practice is to cultivate within us a the ability to live in the world from a sense of peace, no matter what is happening around us, because we have the wisdom to know we are “in the world but not of it.”  We all are of God.  Godlings as my minister, Rev Ken, used to say.

At our Congregational meeting our Vision for 2021 is to raise funds for two hurricane doors to put on the front of our Spiritual Center.  Danny Douglas is procuring these doors for us at cost and he and Joe will be installing them for us without charge.  Our church is contributing $2,500 and we’ve had some people already donate to this cause.  We need to raise an additional $2,500 to complete this project.  Up coming Fundraisers to contribute to this Cause is a pet blessing ceremony on Saturday February 27 at 4 pm.  A Valentines raffle and of course we will have a Bingo in March, the date is tbd.

We ask for your contributions to this improvement so that when the winds blow, and we know they will, that we have done all we can to keep our sacred spiritual center secure.  All amounts are very much appreciated.  Join us in keeping the doorway to our heart open for those who seek the Light.

In Love and Appreciation,
Rev Janice


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