Eachness in the Allness of God

Eric Butterworth was one of the most clear, concise and understandable authors in Unity.  His ability to cut through the clutter and make things clear is remarkable.

Join me this Sunday at 11:15 as as we dive into his book Practical Metaphysics.

We have much to unlearn, even if we think we have released our childhood concept of God.  We live in a culture that worships ‘hero’s and saviors,’ and while loving Jesus with all your heart, soul and mind is a really admirable, it was not what he taught nor wanted.

Metaphysics is a Spiritual lens through which we view our world.

By thinking of God as a person, an anthropomorphic Being,  a noun, we miss the mark.  We are making God in our image and likeness.  In Unity we see Jesus as a great metaphysician who invites us to not worship him, but to look to how he demonstrated, how he loved, how he forgave constantly and to follow in his teachings and ways of Being.

Charles Fillmore, our Co-founder wrote “The True church is not made of creeds and forms, nor is t contained in walls…

As we attune to the God Force we shift from worshiping God to accepting responsibility for our own Being and living as a unique eachness in the allness that God is.
Practical metaphysics helps us to live in the here and now and through cultivating a relationship with Presence.

Let us Reason this Together,
Rev Janice

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