Easter-tide is a time of appreciation, contemplation, and reflection. What we are to contemplate is how in the midst of crisis, love prevails.  Following a season of suffering and challenges the Easter story is showing us that it is not over. That after the suspended waiting, love emerges from any and all crisis. 

In the midst of this pandemic our minds will create all sorts of stories about what is happening and why this pandemic has occurred and how the planet will be in a better place once it is over.
But remember this is only your mind creating stories.  I invite you instead of believing any stories, to go deeper into finding out the Truth of your Being. 

There are many spiritual tools to support us in staying centered as we live through these challenging times. 
Here is a hint to Sunday’s lesson.

ave you ever noticed that there is a continuous narration going on in our head?   That this commentary keeps talking and talking, like it was a parrot.  This Sunday we will pull back the veil and look into these voices and discover and/or deepen our understanding that these voices in our heads are not who we are.  We are not the voice of reason, not the voice creating awful stories, not even the voice creating  beautiful stories. 

Well, who are we then?  Who are you?  Who am I?
Take that question into contemplation for that is the only question worth asking.  
Join us Sunday on Facebook Live found at our Unity Facebook page at 10 AM https://www.facebook.com/unity.fortpierce/ We will be broadcasting our message from our lovely sanctuary.

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Happy Easter-Tide
Rev Janice 


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