Resurrection Principle

We are the Easter people. We join together this Sunday at 10 AM to celebrate the Resurrection Principle that is inherent in all of nature.

When Mary Magdalene arrived at the tomb, she discovered that her beloved Jesus was gone, that the tomb was empty.  Love is the Resurrection Principle and when we put love and compassion and forgiveness into action that overcomes the tomb of materiality.

Our Way-shower, Jesus, came to show us the way.  He said  to his disciples in John 14:12  “I tell you, he who believes in me, the works that i do, he will do also: and he will do greater works than these, because i am going to my Father.”

What does that mean to us today?

It means that there is a seed of Divinity within us.  When we nurture and care for the Christ of our Being, this light of love breaks through the concreate cultural worldviews of the ego into the Universality of our  Spiritual Oneness.

We are the Easter people and the whole Universe is asking us to wake up to our Divinity, our Spiritual Nature, our Christ Consciousness and let God’s light shine through our hearts, and speak through our voices and be felt through our actions.

When we live as the Easter People, we change the world for the better for all of creation.

Happy Easter
Rev Janice


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