Eastertide, the next fifty days is about cultivating our relationship with the mystical phase of our Being, the Christ consciousness.

Though Jesus no longer walks the planet, and lived over two thousand years ago, according to the mystics, that poses no problem, for the whole of the Universe is permeated with the Presence of Christ.

When I was hospitalized in 2015, I experienced a sense I was surrounded by a healing Presence and if I would “still my mind of worry,” I would experience this Presence healing me.  I realized that we live in a healing Universe, filled with energies can calm, renew, heal or give us the zeal we need to follow through with our intentions.


This Christ Presence is impersonal and yet can be personal as we allow it to love and live in us, through us, as us.

Let us be still and let all concerns fall away, as we align ourselves with Presence and let it fill us with a knowing that life and love evolves and unfolds within us without any need to push or control.

The entire cosmos is the omnipresent mystical body of Christ and waits for us to choose to be transformed from the lower energies, (judging from appearances what one sees) to living from an elevated consciousness, (one of Vision, how one sees).

When we live in the world, seeing what is possible, we are seeing from the eye of the I Am.
Eastertide is a true Lift of attitude!
Rev Janice


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