Cynthia Bourgeault writes in The Wisdom Jesus that Eastertide is the 40 days after Easter.  This is a time to tune up our being so we can be available to hear truth at a subtle and much more intense level. Spiritual practices are truly powerful now.

I was driving the other day and wanted to call my daughter using the hand-free voice assistant in my car.  I said the required “Call” and the “hands-free voice assistant” said “Ok, call.”  I said “Jill Perlow.”  The assistant said “did you say Jules Paleo. I said, ‘No.”  The Voice said “did you say….” You get the drift, I canceled the call.

Prayer can be like that.  When we use prayer as a call to an outward “God”, using supplications for a need, begging for a desired outcome –  the voice-assisted application cannot connect. However, if we stop, listen, feel, and open to the life stirring energies, we tune our whole body up to support a spiritual aim.  To be more compassionate, to listen for creativity to be revealed; a willingness to forgive surfaces and clears the way.

Let us fine-tune our instrument so that we can deepen our capacity to receive these intense spiritual energies available to us during this season of Eastertide.
Rev. Janice


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