Emmet Fox – The Sermon On The Mount

The Sermon on the Mount – by Emmet Fox

Four Week Study Group

In an interactive and casual setting we will read and discuss the amazing interpretations of Jesus famous sermon by New Thought leader Emmet Fox. This class is led by Kathryn Joy and  promises to deliver new insights and understanding in bringing health, happiness and true prosperity into one’s life and the lives of others.

In this amazing and inspiring work, Emmet Fox explains in practical
and simple terms exactly what Jesus taught in his hillside talk. 

Wednesday nights 7:00-8:30 July 9th – July 30th
Come to one or all sessions. Each section has a lesson of it’s own for you.

Unity of Fort Pierce
3414 Sunrise Blvd,
Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Class Offered on Love Offering Basis. Nobody will be turned away.
You may purchase The Sermon On The Mount at the Unity bookstore for $12.00, bring your own copy, or borrow one for the evening.

Quotes from Emmet Fox:

“Jesus as we have seen, is the Master Metaphysician, concerning himself only with states of consciousness, with the thoughts and beliefs that men accept for these are the things that matter, the things that are causative.”

“All day long the thoughts that occupy your mind, your secret place as Jesus calls it, are molding your destiny for good or evil; in fact, the truth is that the whole of our life’s experience is but the outer expression of inner thought.”


Emmet Fox (1886-1951) was influential in the New Thought Movement and was influential on many teachings of today including Unity Church and the 12-step recovery programs. The theme of his teachings is “Life is Consciousness” and “we are what we think”. He emphasized that if we want to change our life, we must change our thoughts first. We set forth our own destiny by our thoughts, words, and actions. That there is only one presence and power in the universe, God, all else is an illusion. He gave us the Golden Key. “Love is by far the most important thing of all”, he said, “It is the golden gate of paradise. Pray for the understanding of Love, and meditate upon it daily. It casts out fear. It is the fulfilling of the law. Love is absolute invincible.”

We hope you can join us!


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