Enlightenment as a Light Switch

Unity being a positive and practical approach to Christianity, I want to take the word Enlightenment out from the mystical, esoteric realm and give it a practical spin. Every principle, practice and concept in Unity is based on practical ways of living as brought to us and demonstrated by our Master teacher and brother, Jesus, who became the Christ.

Recall in John 14:12 he said:”Truly, truly I tell you whosoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing and even greater things than these..”

“Truly, truly” is like saying “heads up, I am about to say something important and vital to your life.” It is a way of getting our attention.

It is so vital we get our attention and focus it onto something we want to create that gives meaning to us and is a contribution to life. Enlightenment is just that. It is a state of mind that has been lifted out from the culturally worldly dramas and is on a launching pad, ready, willing and waiting for us to bring forth our next highest idea.

We live in a Universe that is governed by Spiritual laws. The metaphysical Trinity is Mind-Idea-Manifestation. The Law of Mind Action states what you hold in mind manifests in kind.

So I invite you to see enlightenment as a light switch we turn on and direct our time, talent and treasure in living life that is on purpose and that our actions are supportive in creating a world that works for all.

In Unified Consciousness,
Rev. Janice

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