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Don’t hand on – Let Yourself Rise

March 21 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sometimes when I greet people and ask how they are doing, they will respond “Hanging on or Hanging in there.”  The idea being that if they don’t hang on or hang in they will fall into a void or an abyss of darkness.

What I have discovered is when I feel myself most distraught, the best thing I could possibly do is to let go of any struggle and allow myself to sit with it. Interestingly, when I struggle with these lower feelings, trying to ignore them or push them away, I find myself hanging onto them or replaying them and staying in the darkness longer, inviting other guests, such as insecurity, judgement and lack. Yet when I sit and actually look deep within me, I notice there is nothing there to find.

One of my favorite Spiritual Masters is Winnie-the-Pooh.  Through his stories we can find wisdom, acceptance and over all feelings of comfort and love.  He is always there for his friends, no matter what they are experiencing and he never tries to change them.

One such friend, Eeyore, is always complaining about something.  Pooh doesn’t try to dismiss him or his troubles,  he just accepts that this is the way Eeyore handles life. Piglet is wracked with many fears and insecurities, but Pooh listens to Piglet and reminds him of all his good traits.

All of the characters who live at Pooh Corners are unique and diverse. Likewise, all of our feelings are unique and diverse.  This is what makes these stories rich with wisdom for us because they show us that within us are different thoughts and emotions through which we experience life.

Sometimes it is how we have been taught to see life and sometimes we are dealing with challenging circumstances.  Nevertheless, if we let go of our old stories and concepts of God, if we use the tool of forgiveness for ourselves and each other,  we find the peace of God flows in our minds and bodies. We let go of holding on and Rise.
Blessings, Rev Janice



March 21
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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