Excuse me, your life is now.

My Chloe was not well this past week. She had eaten something which upset her stomach, very common for Chihuahuas  and was very constipated.
Also because we had not been walking as much due to the rain she became very lethargic, just laying around.She’s on the mend and is much better now.

She is interested in life again, barking and chasing squirrels and back playing a little with Rosie the poodle across the street.

But I’ve noticed she’s picked up some fears. 

She’s afraid to jump off the recliner.  This is not very high for her and she’s done it thousands of times.  However, she seems to have a fear in her mind that she can’t do it.

This is what happens to us. 

Maybe we get the flue or a cold or for me, sometimes my asthma gets triggered and I get short of breath.  Yet I must shake off letting it define me.  Yes, we must take care of ourselves when we have those unwelcome visitors, (as Rumi calls them) and then we engage back into life again.

The Golden Key (Emmet Fox)  to putting yourself back in life is not about pushing yourself too hard or too long or ignoring your body,  but by bringing your whole self into this holy moment.  That is where God/Spirit is. For whether you are out jogging or walking or playing tennis, or you are reading, or writing, playing an instrument or writing a text.  It’s not the activity, it is where your mind is because as we read in (Mark 3:25) A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

To give your concerns to God or Spirit or Jesus or your Higher Self is to bring yourself completely back into this moment where it is holy and you are wholly Present.

Rev Janice

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