Experience the Joy of Christmas all year long

I recall when my husband Dave and I had just met. I was so thrilled to have met a man who I thought was “the right” one for me.  He had kind eyes, he was intelligent, reserved and I was very drawn to him.  Yet he did not ask me to dance but listened to all I had to say.  We talked for hours.

The following Monday I went to work and excitedly told my co-workers about this incredible man I had met and how I was looking forward to him coming over that evening and our going out to dinner to see where this relationship would go. They were thrilled to hear about this story, at least most of them.  An hour later, my boss came into my cubicle and said that I should not talk about how happy I was; that I should keep my happiness to myself for some people, namely Roz, became upset for she did not want to hear about anyone’s happiness because of what was happening in her life.

We could say she was in a consciousness of “the Grinch.”

Often during the Christmas season, with family and friends and gifts and excitement the season brings, we are told by some we need to temper our joy and be more reserved as there are so many people who find this time of year very difficult because of how their lives are unfolding at this moment.  Yet I do not go along with that theory of needing to turn down our happiness, our joy, our love, our excitement at Christmas time.

I am reminded that Jesus, when he was questioned about an act of anointing his feet with expensive oil by a woman that she was being too extravagant and wasteful, he replied: “You will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me.”   (Matthew 26:11)

Even in the midst challenges, such as what Dave and I are facing at this moment, with him having to live in a memory care unity due to his progressing dementia,   I absolutely know that the Light, the Love, the Happiness of Christmas is not about what is happening around us, the circumstances we find ourselves in, but that there is in all of us this Christ Light that if we connect with it, that light guides us, empowers us and assures us that we are loved.

When we repent (turn away from) our error thinking, and touch the stillness of our heart, where this light abides, we realize that circumstances do not dim the light, we do when we turn away from it and listen to others who cannot bear the Truth that we all will pass through good times and challenges.  But those challenges, when met with Love, with Light with understanding and the awareness that we are Spirit incarnate, even in those dark times of sadness in our lives there will be another dawn, the morning will come again and light always wins.

I am enjoying this Christmas season and I appreciate the true meaning of these Holy Day as a story of how Love comes into the world.  Love comes into the world always through letting go of the beliefs, prejudices, theories we’ve been taught and letting our Christ Light shine.
In fact, it would be dishonoring of my love for Dave if I went through Christmas expressing sadness or regret. So, I say thank you Dave for loving me, for being the good man that you are and continue to be and for the many years of happiness we have shared together.
Merry Christmas
Rev Janice


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