Fear not, I am with you always.

Each one of us has the divine intelligence and wisdom to care for ourselves, our family and our community.  We are called to dive down deep into our soul and to use this wisdom of God which resides in each of us. The difference between reacting in panic and responding appropriately is through touching the silence and receiving direction from your inner guidance.  

We have cancelled the following classes until further notice: 
Tuesdays, Yoga for the Mature Body. Wednesdays guided meditation, Wednesday evening Affirmative Prayer, Fridays Tai Chi.  Friday’s Drumming Circle and Friday’s Reiki Circle.

Barbara will be holding her Pilates’ class outdoors in the garden.   

We will be holding our Sunday service at 10 AM.
Our topic this Sunday is Near death or near life experiences.  Following our sermon, Elaine will lead a discussion about her near death experiences and the revelations and peace that followed such an experience.

These are unique times.  What is important is the safety of each one of us.  During this time, if you choose to join us and celebrate our divinity in person, know that we have taken every precaution and have sanitized the church.  We also will not be having any food at hospitality. Only coffee and tea will be available for now. 

If you feel led to stay home, I invite you to join us on your computer, phone or tablet via Facebook-live.  Whether you choose to join us in person or in virtual reality, I ask you to please continue your support of your spiritual community, as we have financial obligations to meet.  

There are several ways to continue your tithes to us
1.  Mail your donation to Unity of Fort Pierce, 3414 Sunrise Blvd, Fort Pierce, Fl 34982.
2.  Go to our web page and donate via Pay Pall.
3.  There is a link on Facebooklive that will also take you to Pay Pall.
4.  Include Unity of Fort Pierce in your electronic bill pay through your bank account.

Unity of Fort Piece is grateful to have so many conscious and loving members.  Remember that as we stand together in the awareness of the one Unitive consciousness this raises our immunity from the lower frequencies of the world. 
Let us take this moment to go inward and speak this affirmation:
Divine Love, through me blesses  and multiplies all that I AM,  all that I have,  all that I give, and all that I receive.Thank you Father Mother God.

Virtual Hugs,
Rev Janice 


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