“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

In a blink of an eye, someone says or does something and we feel irritated, dismissed or judged.  This energy of irritation swirls about us like a storm cloud covering all our good intentions we made a moment ago, claiming we wanted to deepen our spiritual practice.

How do we reconcile the desire to deepen our relationship with Spirit and then being faced with slights, fights and battles?

I appreciate Rev Gary Simmon’s book “I of the Storm,” for it asserts that nothing and no one is every against you.  That it is all for you.

What if we could see the slights, fights and battles for what they are, dust swirling in the wind, and see forgiveness as a self-cleaning tool that keeps our interior clean of the debris brought by false stories, error beliefs and misguided thoughts.

Myrtle Fillmore, our co-founder recommended using denials to brush away the energy of irritation or  hurt, as if they were cobwebs.  And to follow the denial with an affirmation of Truth, centering herself once again in Spirit.

Forgiveness causes us to focus our attention inward, where we are able to observe life more objectively and realize that taking something personally is an ego trap.

But what about when it is personal, as in a job loss, a death, a breakup or divorce?             

Life happens and sometimes we experience pain, worthlessness, lack of appreciation, suffering, hurt feelings, yet if we ask Spirit what is mine to do with this energy and these feelings, it becomes apparent we must be for giving ourselves empathy, compassion and kindness first, for this allows an inner shift to occur, and a ray of light to break through the walls of judgment.

             The light is always there,

When we are ready, forgiveness lifts the shade of ego so we can feel the Son Light shine through us again.

Rev Janice                                                   


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