Fully Rely on God (FROG)

“FROG – Fully rely on God.”
Back in 1984 I had a near death experience where I saw myself out of my body while I was laying in a hospital room.  The one thing I clearly recall is seeing/sensing a Presence of unconditional love.  This sea of love held me and uplifted me from all the commotion and hallucinations of the world.  I did see my parents in the room and wondered why they could not hear me.

This experience changed the trajectory of my life as I could not go back to old beliefs so I started my spiritual quest.

When I shared this story with the minister of a church my husband and I attended, he said it was a nice hallucination probably brought on by brain chemicals, but now you’re back in the Real world.  When I shared this story with my Unity minister in Fort Myers, he suggested I continue to go into meditation frequently and reflect and relive the experience, keep it close to my heart because it was a Real Mystical experience and not to let the world take it away.

Two ways of viewing any experience – one is though objective worldly eyes that needs rational and logical answers and the other is though subjective spiritual eyes that appreciates the unanswerable and ineffable mystery in which we live.

It often seems to take a crises or metaphysical two-by-four to knock us out of our mind, knock us out of the crystalized reasons and conclusions that block us from seeing and sensing the energies of love and truth and beauty in the world.  To be knocked out of our mind is to release the inner party-line stories that keep our life’s energies bound and focused on a false sense of self we call the ego.

To shift out from the mind and into direct experience, new insights dawn.  To live in the world guided by Spirit is an inside-out, upside-down and backward way of life.  It is a life that no longer judges the way the world judges but takes a leap of faith and Fully Relies on God.

It is out of this world.
Rev Janice


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