God is Spirit

  God is Spirit
and those who worship him must worship in Spirit and Truth
To live from a Dimension of Consciousness that is filled with awareness is to live from your own Presence of Being.

Moving from constantly thinking to being fully awake and aware is a shift that takes us beneath the appearance of form, beneath our senses, into letting ourselves be guided by this Divine living intelligence that emanates and shines through all of creation.

Emerson said “man is an inlet and may become an outlet to all there is in God. Guidance that is unerring can be yours and mine at any time if we stop trying.”

To stop trying can be so confusing to many.  To be human is to be a thinking Being yet right in that statement there is a hidden treasure that we often miss.

Until we stop trying “our way” and let ourselves Be and allow our thoughts to develop and evolve we go around rehashing theories and beliefs as a litmus test for whether someone or something is acceptable to us.

Stopping is not giving up. Stopping is not giving in. Stopping, waiting on the Lord is realizing “God is our salvation for we are realizing that we live and move and have our Being in a Living Presence that if we allow, will heal us into wholeness.

As I was in a hospital bed thinking, thinking, thinking, worrying about everything I could think of, I experienced an inner knowing, an inner awareness that dawned in me and I heard in me “stop and let me heal you.”  In that moment an awareness dawned in me,  which has always stayed with me, that we live in a Universe that is alive and heals us and if we let this energy of healing into us.  And, if we so chose to be, we may also be channels through which this healing energy flows out through us into the world.

We are each others Caregivers.


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