Happy Birthday America

“In the world there are trials and tribulations, but I have overcome the world.”  (John 16:33)

As a child I would be very excited about something and filled with glee.  I’d run to  tell my mom and dad of the wonderful idea I had or just how excited I was about something and found myself many times rebuffed because something else was also going on in their lives.  Adult issues which I was told did not concern me.  But boy I could feel the tension and sadness and that would sap all the joy out of what I in my innocence wanted to share.

This is the way of  the world.  In the world there are trials and tribulations.  But to overcome the world is not to turn your back on the world but to embrace and celebrate Life.  That is what we will do this Sunday.

Celebrating life is an act of freedom.  We are Free. We were born free.  Cultural conflicts and ideologies try to restrict freedom.  Its the never ending polarized ideologies of egos clashing it out.  But True Freedom is a discipline that uses prayer and meditation as a tool to lift us up and put us back in alignment with the Freeing qualities of Love, compassion, forgiveness, courage, wisdom.

Remember the words of St Theresa, “This too shall pass.”

We are free to use Affirmative prayer to remind us of who we are, where we are and what we are.
We are Spirit Incarnate.  We Live in the Energy of God; Our Purpose is to overcome the world through expressing Spiritual Qualities.
Notice all tools of Spirit are ephemeral.  You cannot touch them, but you can express them.

If you want to overcome the world and live in the light of Love, consider taking the Affirmative Prayer Class which Rev Julia will be starting this Wednesday at 12 noon, in our sanctuary or on Zoom.
Become a part of the Prayerful solution. Become a Pray Chaplain or at lease be able to see any conflict, situation or problem from a higher perspective.

On Sunday we gather in our backyard for a cook out.  Joe and Danny will be on the grill.  The church will bring the hot dogs, turkey dogs, hamburgers, turkey burgers, a few impossible burgers  and we ask that you bring your favorite side dish to go along with.  Don’t forget desert.

Let us together hold the High Watch as we hear the bells of Freedom Ring.

Happy Birthday America,


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