“He rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a dead calm.” (Matthew 8:23)

Neil deGrass Tyson, an American astrophysicist and  author of Starry Messenger was interviewed recently by Ari Melber and spoke critically and objectively about our planet.

He said: “What happens is human beings like following leaders and many let them do their thinking for us. No one can erase that.  But Science is not based on ideology.

The United States was founded on a Principle that Whatever is your personal truth,  it is welcomed but you can’t require someone else to have the same truth. This is an example of remarkable advanced thinking.”

When he was asked what is the greatest contribution that science has given humanity he answered,
“One of the greatest of all cosmic perspectives was the revelation in the 20th Century that emerged that the atoms of our body are tracible to the center of the stars that exploded and that formed star systems with the planets, one of which was the sun and earth.

The Universe is alive in us.

Look at the stars.  You are made of the same ingredients of the stars.  We are literally star dust that achieved consciousness to contemplate the extent of the Universe in which we exist.
We are participants of the great unfolding of cosmic events.”

How was it Jesus was able to calm the wind and seas?  Could it be he knew that the turmoil comes from within us all?  Yes, a hurricane is nearing Florida, and if we calm our mind and listen to the Universe, we will know what choices we need to make to keep us safe.

Being human can be such a roller coaster ride.  Yet when natural disaster strikes we see human nature shift to kindness and compassion.

What is it that makes us challenge each other in some instances and also come to one another’s aid?
Natural disasters remind us we are not in control.  It also reminds us we are interconnected. That what happens to one of us is happening at a certain level to all of us for we are not separate individuals, we are truly part of the whole Universe.

And the Universe has our back,
Rev Janice

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