Honor your Self

We celebrated Mother’s Day May 14 and Father’s Day last Sunday. The typical response I had as a child and my children had growing up was “when is Kid’s day?” And our response was “It’s always Kid’s day.” There is an inner-child in us that calls to us to notice, nurture, and love.

In the West we are told to give compassion and serve others but to yourself, well that is just selfish.  What I have discovered is that compassion is something everyone needs and deserves and that includes the compassion we can give to ourselves, our sacred inner child.  For if we do not fill ourselves up with compassion and love for our own Being, we cannot extend it to any other and the pain of isolation deepens.

Through the art of truly honoring your Self you are cultivating an environment that is sacred and invites divine synchronicity into your life.  Like a kid going on a treasure hunt, walking in the world connected to your sacred consciousness, your Self, with no agenda draws many meaningful experiences to you.

Rev Toni Boehm shared a synchronictic experience as she and her husband vacationed in Utah.  She writes in her book Synchro-Divinity that  they entered Dead Horse Canyon and on the brochure, the history of the canyon, as it was described in the brochure, said that the canyon was named Dead Horse because horse rustlers brought their bounty here and a group of the horses died here. Something in her questioned this story.  A little later they came to the Canyon and were looking over the rail down into the canyon.  As she peered down she heard within her “look with soft eyes” and as she allowed her eyes to relax, there in the midst of this huge rock formation was the appearance of a horse who had taken its final breath and was laid to rest in regal headdress and a covering on its tail – all nestled in the rock formation, big as life for anyone to see.  When she went home to Kansas, she called and shared her story with the State Director of Parks for Utah.  He knew nothing of this tale, but promised to look into it.  A few months went by and they found the original papers on this land and in those papers was a description of how it came to be originally named Dead Horse because of that rock formation.  However, over time, the history was lost so someone made up a story about the horse rustlers.

Being in the right place at the right time with the right amount of sun-light supported her is seeing with her eyes and yet we are always in the right place and now is the right time and we are  supported with the right amount of sunlight.  Yet, if we are to have eyes that see, we need to connect to Source which is continuously available to support us in seeing (God, the good) that is right before our eyes.


Rev Janice


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