“I shall not be moved.”

Staying centered as I let go 

To really live in a way where I am intentionally present and engaged with the world around me I  must also be aware of the inner contractions I may be experiencing.

Contractions and Expansions are the No and Yes of life. They are always going to happen to us.

The key is can we cultivate enough emotional maturity to, as Mya Angelo so beautifully writes in her collection of poetry, “I shall not be moved.”

It is one thing to know who you are, a child of God, an expression of the One Life. It is another thing to model and show up this way in the world.  To treat yourself and others with compassion; to live from a heart seeped in love; and a willingness to continuously be forgiving.

Unity’s fifth Principle is to apply the Truth you know to your life. Lent is the perfect time to let go of the stories and the backstories and step into living from a higher awareness of our spiritual authenticity.
Blessings, Rev Janice

Join us for the beautiful voice and music of Felicia Rose who will be performing special music during our service and also a Kirtan Concert after service starting at 11:30.  (Love offerings are appreciated)

Kirtan Concert at 11:30 with Felicia Rose


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