In Silence freedom is found.

We are born into the world and soon forget our Unity with all life.  We look upon our world and see man’s inhumanity to one another is on full display.  When social issues are so polarized and politicized people may demand to know “whose side are you on.”  Well, would it be alright for you to know that you don’t have to be trapped in choosing one side over another but can take a stand for unity.

This is what our way shower Jesus showed us when they brought the woman to him to be stoned for adultery. He did not disparage their laws but stooped down and wrote on the ground with his finger.  He looked up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone.”

Freedom is not found in following dogmas, which are of the world, and mostly based in anger and fear. Freedom is found in following Principle. The Principle of Oneness, of Unity.

Our Universe is a compassionate universe, always expressing its giving nature. Our Spiritual practice is to step into this mystery and be called up higher into a clear-sighted perspective where the worldly debris falls away.

Our political climate is rife with opportunities to respond with compassion and model what it means to be a teacher of love. To love Jesus is to follow his teachings.  To be a teacher of love is to be able to see through the political strife and realize that many people have just forgot who they are.

To live in mental constructs/ideologies is to live under a harsh taskmaster.  The ego can never get enough or have enough control to satisfy its cravings.

As a Society, I appreciate that the UK and France have chosen to be governed by a more moderate, progressive government, and perhaps that is a prophecy for America,  but whatever happens out in the world of politics still cannot change the truth of our interconnectedness, cannot change the fact that we are offspring from this One Life force that we call God,  and that we belong to each other.

When we enter into a time of meditation, of stillness and our mind becomes quiet, we may catch a wave of the eternal love that heals and empowers all of creation.
Be still and know that I Am.
Rev Janice

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