Labels block the connection of Love

For my birthday, my daughter, Jill sent me some Bluetooth earbuds.  I was thrilled.  Then I started to pair them to my I-Phone.  Of course, they had to be charged in their case overnight.  The next day, I’m trying to follow the directions, which were written in a silver color with the tiniest font imaginable; but I persevered.

When I called my daughter to thank her for this gift, she said she knew Steven was coming over on the weekend, and if I couldn’t pair them – he would be able to do so.

Well, those kind words only made me more determined to figure this out.
I followed the directions- holding down the barely perceptible tiny button on the case until the lights flashed and I got excited.

Then it told me to look in Settings to find the device.  Well, I enter the world of “Where’s Waldo” for there was no additional device listed – only the spinning of the wheel searching for devices.
Again, I tried – an hour later I put it down and did something else.  Then I looked again and took the earbuds out of their nest,  only to see tiny labels stuck on the base of each bud.  I peeled them of and Voila – the earbuds showed up as one of my devices.

Why this story?  How is it relevant?

Well, it’s these labels we hold in mind that cover up any chance of us connecting with God, our higher self and each other.  Those labels can be big or really tiny opinions and judgments that breaks the vibration of love and the energy of life.
Lets pull off the labels together
Rev Janice



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