“Let us atone and become fully human” (Gospel of Mary)

We’ve been delving into the non-canonical Gospels of Mary, Philip and Thomas.  What these Gospels have in common is they point to the importance of  being aware of our feminine, receptive aspect of Being. The siren calls of the world always seem to be so urgent and need our attention right now.  Yet if we stay in this urgency for too long, it takes a toll on our nervous system often resulting in us becoming addicted to an outer behavior such as excessive shopping or substances such as alcohol to alleviate the stress that gets built up in us.

What if we understood that the underlying cause of this sense of urgency is the ego for urgency is one of the tactics of the ego.  Everything is super-important and needs our attention right now.  Just like a toddler. I have a friend who cannot sit and watch a movie as s/he always must be “doing” something productive to feel that time is not being wasted.

Many of us make “to do” lists to focus our day and that helps us shift our attention onto what we want to accomplish this day. However we could go one step further and write a “to Be” list.  This type of list shifts our attention on discovering and writing down  our priorities in life. Rather than constantly doing,  it includes and puts first the experiences that enrich our Souls.  Ideas on this priority list could include:  Exercise daily.  Create nutritious meals, time to read, listen to music, daydream, doodle, play with your child, pet; talk with your friends, writing, playing an instrument, fishing, dancing, yoga, etc.  In other words, you live you life based on your priorities and not on the urgency of what the day brings.

A small practical experience of this would be, if you are in the midst of working on something that brings you joy and your cell phone vibrates or rings, rather than rushing to answer, let it go to voice-mail.  If it is truly for you,  they will leave a message.  If this concerns you, a quick glance at the incoming number can put your mind at ease.

Let us atone and become fully human” is to reconcile within us our human consciousness with our higher or spiritual consciousness.  Jesus, our way shower, became “the Way’ by which all who accept him (his teachings) as their way-shower can walk in the world “passing over” the ten thousand things that clamor for our attention while staying centered in our Higher Consciousness, our Christ-Self.

Let us become fully human, reconciling our inner awareness with our actions by affirming:

“It is not I but the Christ that lives.”

Blessings, Rev Janice

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