Life is always “Yes”

I was so grateful to hear the rain pouring last evening, giving much needed moisture to our little area on mother earth. Everything looks more alive this morning, standing a little taller.

All of us need this balance of sun and rain in our lives.  All of us need to take moments to stop and rest and appreciate that which we have done, that we are, and live from faith, knowing  that which is to come is good.

When we say things like “don’t rain on my parade” or the “sun is always shining behind the clouds,” we dismiss the importance of rain because we put the inconvenience of it ahead of the need for its nurturing and healing qualities.  We think of rainy days are not as enjoyable as a beautiful sun shining day.  Yet we know in our hearts, in order for life to be sustained we need the rain and clouds.

Similarly, there are patterns of divine order in the unfolding of our lives.  Chapters in which we can grow and evolve into realizing that everything we experience in the physical world comes to pass. This is the way of Life, the way in which all of creation experiences the full spectrum of what it means to be alive.

Even saying the word “Yes” has an uplifting feeling to our heart and spirit. Yet understand, just as three is no opposite to life, there are times when we must say “No” and those times are really saying “Yes” to ourselves.

In (Matthew 5:37) Jesus said “Let your “yes’ be “yes’ and your “no” be “no”.  Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.

This expression is Living from a deeper awareness that “Life is always “Yes”  It needs no explanation nor justification for it is sufficient unto itself….

Say a Tender Yes to everything that comes your way.

Rev Janice


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