Life is for loving

In the Gospel of Thomas (107) we read that  Jesus said, “The kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray. He left the ninety-nine sheep and looked for that one until he found it. When he had gone to such trouble, he said to the sheep, ‘I care for you more than the ninety-nine.”

Lets move away from the literal reading of this verse and consider it symbolically.  Most parents who have more than one child understand that love is not handed out because of what the child is accomplishing but because of the love between a parent and child.  So when one child seems a little lost, parents tend to give the one that is lost a little extra attention to bring back into the fold.

Lets take a dive into metaphysics, that which stands under the physical, emotional.  Jesus is referred to as The Good Shepherd.  Jesus, the Christ represents our “I Am” and it is this I Am that tenderly cares for His Sheep.  Sheep are our thoughts, and they can “blah” all over the place.  Once a thought starts down a rocky, ragged and awfulizing road, the others soon follow.

Our Good Shepherd, our “I Am” calls (affirms) his own sheep, and they hear his voice.  We are to call ourselves back (bring our thoughts back) into the centerfold of Love.  Centered in love our thoughts become one flock with one shepherd, ready to listen for spiritual inspiration and do what is ours to do.

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Rev Janice


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