Life of the Party

rainbow heartJesus, our way-shower and teacher was often the “Life” of the party.
His mission and message was that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within, among and at hand.”  He saw and called himself the Gate or the Door to this Kingdom, which metaphysically represents our state of mind.

I believe that he believed that within this attitude of gratitude there was an important lesson. That an attitude of gratitude promised there would always be plenty of food, fellowship and fun.

When crowds gathered to see him, he made sure there was plenty of fish, bread and wine to go around.  Yes, Jesus loved to celebrate.  Even the night before he was arrested, he gathered his friends together to dine.

The teachings of Jesus show us how to live, how to laugh, how to love and how to celebrate life.  I think he was telling us to lighten up, especially when he said “look at the birds of the air and the flowers, they neither toil nor spin.”   And he had a sense of humor.

A ten year old once asked his mother. “Do you know what Jesus’ first words were after he came out of the tomb?”  She replied “No, what were they?”  He spread his arms, jumped forward with a grin and said “TA-DAH!”

This Sunday we celebrate our light, our Christ , as we share in our Holiday Potluck after our Advent of Love Service.
Please remember to bring a lawn chair…

Come, join in our celebration
Rev Janice


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